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 Jiyoon Chung Jiyoon Chung, April 24, 2013

Jiyoon Chung

Jiyoon Chung has one of those great backgrounds as a technology development manager, quantitative analyst, and direct marketer that makes for highly sought after experience. And she is one of the best distribution (Growth Hacking) mentors in the Bay Area, so we're incredibly excited to learn a great deal from what she has to share.

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 Dan Siroker Dan Siroker, February 28, 2013

Dan Siroker

The average conversion rate across the entire web is 2%. That means 98% of visitors to your website hit the back button and don't convert into customers. The most powerful way to turn clicks into customers is to improve your website through A/B testing.

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 Paul Willard Paul Willard, November 28, 2012

Paul Willard

What is growth hacking? How does one get started? In this talk Paul Willard will inspire you to start learning more about your customers and set you on a path to becoming a Growth Engineer.

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