Jack Mardack
The Edge of Transformation: Hacking Growth Hacking from Within
Jack Mardack, April 24, 2014

Even as marketers at companies of all sizes grow ever more keenly interested in bringing "growth hacking" to their organizations, there's no clear operational path forward for them, nor much guidance beyond "Hire a growth hacker." That's mainly because the conversation about "growth hacking" so far has focused way too much on the semantic validity of the term, a little bit on growth hacking how-to and strategy, and not at all on the operational/organizational side.

Through the lens of his experiences hacking growth at situationally-diverse companies like FriendFinder Networks, Eventbrite and Prezi, Jack Mardack will show us the realities of how growth hacks happen. Jack will share three growth hack case studies in detail and then compare and contrast them at the higher level of looking at the different company conditions, perspectives and resources that made each of them possible.

Jack Mardack is the Head of Growth at ChartCube, a recently-Shasta funded mobile productivity app startup in San Mateo. Before ChartCube, Jack made growth happen at Eventbrite, Prezi and FriendFinder Networks. He's from Queens.

Filmed April 24, 2014 at Artis Ventures