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 Reema Batta Reema Batta, November 13, 2013

Reema Batta

Reema Batta is the Head of Database Marketing at Hotwire. She is responsible for leading CRM initiatives by increasing engagement, optimizing for mobile and ultimately driving revenue. She has over 8 years of experience in B2C web businesses within Finance, Analytics and Marketing roles. She was formerly the Head of Insights and Customer Analytics at

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 Jason Miller Jason Miller, September 25, 2013

Jason Miller

Jason Miller is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Linkedin where he leads the content marketing and social efforts for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Previously he was the Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy at Marketo. He was responsible for leading the company's social media efforts by increasing engagement, optimizing for lead generation, and ultimately driving revenue. He is also a content creator specializing in visual content marketing.

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 Colin Crook Colin Crook, August 21, 2013

Colin Crook

Colin Crook is a Partner at Knock Twice with 15 years experience working alongside technology entrepreneurs. He was part of a group that launched the Firefox web browser and its supporting community SpreadFirefox. It taught him the importance of community-marketing and PR. Since then, Colin has helped entrepreneurs launch their vision on stage at events like DEMO and TechCrunch Disrupt. He loves working alongside people who are passionately building things.

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